What To Know About Placing A Baby For Adoption

If you have been thinking about placing a baby for adoption, but you are unsure about the process or if it would be the right decision for you, it is important for you to learn as much as you can. Keep reading so you can have a better understanding of what to expect:

You May Still Be Able To Have Contact

There are three types of adoption. There are closed adoptions, semi-open adoptions, and open adoptions. With the closed adoptions, once the baby has been given to the adoptive parents, all ties you have to the child and the new parents are cut. You won't know anything about their lives and your information is usually sealed in the records of the adoptive agency. With a semi-open adoption, you will receive a letter and pictures once or twice a year, as this allows you to see how your child is thriving and growing. Then there is the open adoption where you will continue to have direct contact with the child and the adoptive parents over the years. This includes in-person visits, as well as letters, photos, and phone calls. With the open adoption, you may see the child as often as you and the adoptive parents would like.

You Can Pick The Family

For some people, it is very important that they are given the chance to select the family for their baby. This helps them become more comfortable with the adoption and it allows them to make sure that they are giving their baby the life they want him or her to have. However, you do not have to go through the process of selecting the family if that is not something that you want to do. Simply let the caseworker know and he or she can make the selection on your behalf.

You Can Change Your Mind

If you are still pregnant and worry that you might change your mind later, that is alright. You can start the process of adoption, including selecting the family, and change your mind once you deliver the baby if that is something that you feel compelled to do at the time. It is important to know that you are not obligated to go through with the process until the baby has actually been placed with the adoptive family. Even then, depending on your state laws, you might have a few days after that to be able to change your mind.

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If you have been thinking about placing a baby for adoption, but you are unsure about the process or if it would be the right decision for you, it is

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